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Katy and Daphne are talking about celebrities in the magazine and how good they all look! Katy talks about a diet that she is on and how much trouble she is having sticking to it. Daphne then talks about how much good food she is eating all the time, rubbing it in Katy's face.

After several minutes of Daphne non stop talking about food, and Katy becoming extremely hungry, Daphne tells her she is leaving to go out to a fancy restaurant, and Katy stands up and tells Daphne that she plans on having HER for dinner! She points her finger at Daphne, Daphne shrinks down to minuscule size and Katy kicks little Daphne up in the palm of her hand, gloating over little Daphne. Katy picks Daphne up, holds her high and drops her right down her throat! Who's got the rockin body now?! 

Running time - 6:36



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