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Scene opens up with the masked villain stringing up an out Daphne by her handcuffed wrists.

She's still only wearing the black thong from the other Shower movies and her skin is still wet from getting hosed down back in Jenny Shower. She is strung up so tightly that her abs/ribs stick out. The villain back slaps Daphne which twists her body halfway around before she spins back to facing forward. "wake up bitch!" he says. Daphne slowly awakens trying to figure out where she is.

She looks up at her wrists and her face communicates how much pain she's in from hanging by the handcuffs. The villain approaches and roughly fondles Daphne's breasts and ass. "your blonde friend is " the villain says. Daphne's eyes widen. "she wouldn't talk. i had to chop her up in that tub". he then grabs Daphne by the throat. "i think you will talk though". the villain slugs Daphne in the belly.

The masked man spends many minutes interrogating Daphne, trying to get her to talk.

The villain comes back with the whip "If you're not gonna tell me anything, then..." the villain then starts Daphne from behind with the whip. Daphne struggles against the villain, gagging for air. After about 15 seconds, she then summons all her strength to swing her head backward to hit him in the nose. the villain crumples. Daphne painfully slips her wrists out of the cuffs. Enraged, she says in a deep voice "now I'M gonna make you pay...for jenny!"

Running time - 9:54



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