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Aria and her friend Marley are always sneaking snacks, stuffing their faces with junk food. Marley is already super fat, and she just can’t wait until Aria is as fat as her!

Aria’s step-mom Layla hates when the two girls hang out because she doesn’t want her daughter becoming fat like Marley. Layla grounds Aria when she catches her sneaking snacks and Aria pouts in her room.

Later on we see Aria and Marley going on a snack food binge, eating everything in sight, even funneling junk food and protein shakes, trying to fatten Aria up! Aria is getting SO FAT!

Several days and many pounds later all of them have gotten fatter from all of the junk food, in fact, Layla’s ass has grown so much that she splits her pants!

Layla then ties Aria and Marley up to a chair to make sure they have learned their lesson as they grown from their swollen bellies.

Running time – 48:56



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