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Get behind the scenes with Daphne & Krista for "Access Denied"

Krista works for a secret government lab that develops the latest surveillance methods for tracking terrorist activities.

Daphne is an opportunist who sees a chance to exploit this information for huge monetary gain. She has grabbed Krista & has her tied up, topless (of course), hands over head. She is trying to Krista into giving up the Access Codes to the system so that she can sell this information to the highest bidder.Krista has already given false codes that Daphne has tried but failed to connect to the system.

Daphne is pissed & threatens to beat Krista if she gives out any more false codes. Krista now reveals that only she can access with the codes as logging on requires the codes and a camera where a retinal scan occurs to insure that only the authorized person is attempting to log in.

She tells Daphne that shell have to untie her and then she will log in, otherwise she will never get the access to the network & the sensitive data it contains. Daphne reluctantly unties her while warning that any funny business will mean instant defeat.

Krista has been waiting for this opportunity & attacks Daphne as soon as she is untied. Daphne somehow quickly loses her top in the struggle (oops!) & its a fight now! Each tries to beat the other with tons of holds, the desperate fight going back & forth.

Running time - 54:00

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