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TESTIMONIALS - always updated!!

Your happiness is of the utmost importance to us and we take pride in making you the best movie that your money can buy! Don't take our word for it, let our reviews speak for themselves. Many of our customers are repeat customers and this is why!!

I got a chance to download and watch the video last night, and WOW... I couldn't be happier with how it came out! Jae was the perfect model for this and I'm really glad she ended up doing it. Everything about it was nearly perfect! I've actually tried the custom video route with other studios in the past and was always left sort of disappointed. I wish I would have found you guys earlier. I have some other ideas and I'm really hoping to work with you again in the future to bring them to life! Thank you so much! - "My Panties"
I have to say wow! I love it, it was worth more than every penny spent. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in putting this together for me. Thank Whitney, Roxy, and Daphne, their performance was astounding. I am not sure of the gentleman's name, but thank him too. I am very impressed. For the first time buying a custom from a studio, I received all I wanted and more. I will definitely be doing business with you again. - "Triple Auction"
I want to thank you both for another AMAZING custom video! I had an opportunity to watch it from start to finish last night and I've been watching it on repeat ever since. Words betray how awesome this one is, I think it's truly a pinnacle given that it's our third or fourth project working together! The first thing I want to commend is the acting - everybody did an outstanding job on this project, and though she wasn't part of the original plan I loved Demi as the villain! She really did a great job bringing a mysterious, almost sinister vibe to that character. Jena was fantastic, holy shit! For someone that doesn't really do a lot of acting she sold it so well and really made for a great damsel. Totally convincing performance, she was excellent during the peril sequences. I really enjoyed her first escape from the chair tie, when she pushed herself back onto the couch - that's solid gold, guys! Lol. I'd have to say my favourite part is when Demi gags Jena and grabs her by the back of her jacket, pulling her up to taunt her. That shot is what this whole video was all about, Jena looks pissed and Demi makes the perfect captor. No detail was left unaddressed, and being the experienced mind readers you two are, the timing of everything worked out perfectly. Just the right amount of time is dedicated to storyline events and peril scenes; the tape gag scene when Jena's first captured was only written as a quick add-in and you guys had the foresight to shoot a good scene out of it; and it looks awesome. Without going overboard guys, this project is the realization of a great little fetish fantasy I've had for many years and it couldn't have been done by anyone but Seductive Studios. There's only one major disappointment and that's the fact that it all has to end! It's been a fun ride this past month doing the script, sourcing props, seeing sneak peaks from the shoot, and now to be left with my favorite fetish video ever, it's truly awesome. There's no other way to say it. Thank you again so much! I can't wait to work with you again, so stay tuned for part 2 of this story! Do you guys own a tent by any chance? ;) Hint hint! Talk to you soon! - "Captured In The Cold"
Hey Watched the reedit clip with the gulp sound put it and that made the clip simply perfect to me now. Absolutely the perfect clip. Can't say anymore. Very happy and can't thank you enough. Also forgot to say the new belly looked great and hope you like it. - "Electra Sister Saga -  Ties"
I love the vid! You and everyone involved did an amazing job. The girls both look incredibly hot in there outfits, so lean and fit! And they acted the fight so good.  Jae and the girls in the corners are amazing you really got the breaks between rounds perfect, with the count, the girls getting sponged and massaged etc it's really amazing. Never seen that done before, it feels like an old time boxing match. Perfect! Crowd are awesome to, nice that they get so involved in the action. Love the random bit of singing from someone partway through! Haven't watched the BTS yet but its obvious it took serious hard work to organise and carry out the shoot. Thankyou for taking it on and doing a great job! Who knows, maybe a Title Fight 2 in future. I couldn't help but see Jae and Heather and think they would put on a good fight! - "Knockout - Title Match"
Loved it the girls looked so hot and did a really good job. I would defiantly consider another video down the line. - "Total Control"
Well thank you so much, please tell the model she did a great job and it was absolutely worth the wait and I am actually happy now that the first model couldn't make it, I am very happy with the result! I was worried because of previous bad experiences but clearly I needn't have been and you can quote me on all of this if you want. Best 175 dollars I have ever spent. I could just go on forever, she was so natural and just great nad loved the outfit and that I could actually hear her talk so clearly was way more than I expected. -"Bust a Sag"
Hi Sara, I've just watched the video, wow the girls were amazing. It was even better then I imagined and the ending was a great touch I hadn't thought of. The details were perfect and the way Whitney got tied up by Rachel was so sexy. Thank you so much for making this happen. - "Everything Will Be Fine"
Hi Sara, Wow, you guys killed it for my custom! I had always wanted a custom with 10 minutes of ridiculous carries with a goddess like Kaylee and you totally delivered. For starters, Kaylee is amazing. She's just beautiful, and with those tats and her ragdoll performance, she was so sexy!! I guess you found some good help because that guy was a beast! I loved all the different carries, that was exactly what I was hoping for - a strong guy that can ragdoll making it look so easy! I'm impressed how quickly you turned it around too. And working with you Sara has been great, your customer service is awesome. OK, one suggestion for next time - I'd rather the shoot not happen in front of that bright window. Even though you all lit the set well, it seemed like the exposure on the action was darker because of the bright background. I'd like the most detail in the subject possible. But that's just my preference! And in my next script I'll suggest more closeups on Kaylee to start, I'd would have liked to see more of how pretty she is! But overall you all nailed it and I love how you do your movies - I'm a huge fan. I'll check with you later and we'll do it again! -"Kaylee Ragdoll"
My complements once more to everyone at Seductive Studios: Jae, Whitney, the production team, and you as well, Sara. The girls really knew how to work those lenses. Great job, everyone! I truly hope Jae and Whitney had a blast wearing their contacts. They certainly are a turn-on for me, and I wanted those lenses to be a turn-on for them as well. The girl-on-girl action was just amazing! Whitney did an awesome job with her Inner Animal--she really knows how to work the camera with her eyes--she knew exactly what I was thinking. Jae's performance was also stunning and sensual--strong work! I couldn't get enough of her. Hats off to everyone at Seductive Studios for their hard work and for making my fantasies come alive right before my eyes. - "Sclera Lovers"
Hi Sara, Ok, I got the video and let me just say WOW. Excellent job!! The pace of the vid was perfect! Never once slow, or too hurried, but right on time. And, y'all were able to do everything I asked for. Serena and Jenny were absolutely perfect as well. Serena's strength is ridiculous!! Those two matched up very well for this and I couldn't be happier :). Not to mention I was quite surprised at how fast I received thisThanks once again! I'll definitely be back - "Jenny's Photoshoot"
Hi Sara,I never got the chance to thank you and Daphne for the clip! It was absolutely amazing! I never cease to be amazed by Daphne - she truly is the best. Please send her my sincerest thanks. - "Schoolgirl Hiccup Tease"
That was an incredibly well done production! So great on all levels.Loved the title you used with my script (much better than the original) and really right on the money relative to the message. Kaylee & Rachel’s acting & physical performances were just so outstanding. Really enjoyed the superb camera angles, close-ups and execution (excuse the expression) of all three scenes. Loved many of the creative elements that you added, especially that amazing final scene: using the Flag was so appropriate, what a cool idea, brilliant! Couldn’t be more satisfied. One of my all time favorites...Thanks for the great effort & really great video! - "We The People"
I LOVE IT !!! That's a real entangled catfight. The best entangled catfight i ever found. Thanks. Congratulations for the girls. - "Smooth Silky Legs"
Hi Sara! This is incredibly well done! I am very happy with what you have created here, and the fact that you were able to organize it, and put it together so quickly coming off of a holiday season is simply amazing! Thank you very much! Also, please thank Daphne, Heather and Kaylee for me, as they made this fantasy come alive perfectly! - "Woman Scorned"
Hey! Thanks so much for the clip - it's all the wonderful and silly things I've ever hoped for in a video clip! You guys probably had a few good laughs making this one :P ultimately, great fetish clip, totally worth it! - "Cheetos"
I finally had a chance to check out the video last night and it's easily my favourite custom yet - third time's a charm! I'd like to say it's because I keep coming up with better ideas but the more obvious factor is that your team just gets better and better as you produce more videos! This was a total home run - you all did a great job on and off screen and I couldn't be more in love with this one! I wrote that script with Kaylee in mind ... I consider it a stroke of fate that Natalie wasn't able to do it, because Ms. Danger OWNS this one and she remembered all of her shit, lol! Dan was awesome too - as was Cry to the Blind during the car scene, that's awesome they were game to help out. I think we can all be proud of this one - it's a cut above and once again the attention to detail is just spot on. Great sound editing, hot model, well executed and you guys are great when it comes to improvising sets and getting everything together. You say you were rushing but it doesn't show at all. - "The Looks That Kill"
Thank you once again for all the hard work and effort, I love my custom! 10/10! You guys are awesome, thank you so much! I loved the film. Thanks so much for getting the jeans right. FINALLY, SOMEONE GOT THEM RIGHT. All 3 girls were good - especially Hailey. And Kaylee trying not to laugh at times was adorable. Overall well done. I know it's an odd fetish, but I think you guys are finally getting used to it! Thank you! - "Kaylee Danger's Bootcamp"
Hi Guys Five Stars...I was really blown away by the video. Always amazed at how well you guys take the concept and run with it, making it much better than I could have hoped for. The special effects used when Kaylee was scanned in were really cool. Loved the great line: “I knew I should have read the Terms of Service” LOL. Kaylee & Hailey were fantastic. Loved Kaylee’s feisty fighting & attitude as always. Hailey is so incredibly gorgeous and did a tremendous job also. My favorite part was what you did with the two handed throat lift choke against the wall. The fight against the wall was so brilliantly choreographed, acted & filmed. How the heck did you do that scene? it was amazing. I could go on & on...so many parts about this video were great. The girls looked so hot together... Thanks again for an awesome job! One of my favorites to date - "Slaystation"
Thanks a lot for Denim Fight, great job! I'm certainly satisfied. - "Denim Fight"
Hi Guys: Thanks for the tremendous job on the video. Loved the Zombie Apocalypse production at the beginning & the night filming (both really well done). The articles shown in the newspaper were great (& some hilarious). The models: Jenny & Rachel were both so hot & good in their roles. Great chokeholds & the final close-up death scene was really fantastic (Jenny’s expressions & Rachel’s slow fade & incredible death stare by Rachel). Thanks for the attention to detail in the script. Loved your work as always! - "Doomsday Deathmatch"
The video is so good, thank you. The girls both look great as prizefighters and the back and forth boxing is exactly what I wanted. Thanks for getting all the details in there . Really pleased with the results! "London Prize Fight - Knockout"
I finally watched the 2nd video that was done and it was great. That's exactly what I wanted I couldn't have asked for anything more as I got again what I wanted. Amazing video. Love the opening by the way. Special thanks to Daphne again she was excellent but also big thanks to Kelly she did a great job as Bat girl. Now I am going to focus on writing a script for the next 3rd video. As I mentioned to you this next video will have 3 models altogether and again thank you for letting me know the prices and everything. This 3rd video might be the best one yet. When I have finished the script I will send it to you and get your thoughts and go from there. Again be thank you to everyone for making my video. Both videos have turned out great and amazing. Cant wait to do another one soon. Thanks Sara. - "Adventures of Batgirl - Bat Bites"
Thanks so much! I really want to thank both the girls again for doing the content…they were exceptional and I’m more than pleased!!! Seductive’s creativity with the script was awesome as always, and the camera angles were perfect. Seductive doing this script with these girls was like a true dream come true for me! Once again you’ve delivered amazing custom work!!! - "Accidents Happen"
Hello Sara Jenny and Jae, both did great! Please tell them thanks so much. I really enjoyed seeing their throats. They are both very beautiful. You guys have been great to work with, I really appreciate that. - "Throat God"
Hi Sara just watched the video and it was amazing. That's exactly what I wanted. Big thanks to Daphne and Jae they did an amazing job. Thank you overall for doing my video. Defiantly would like to a sequel or another chapter to the video so when come up with something hope you will be ok to read it and hopefully shoot it. In the meantime thanks again for an amazing video. All the best. -"Adventures of Supergirl - Super Snack"
I just watched the video. You did well, all of you. My fantasy comes true with Daphne and Jenny. Thanks for everything !! - "Jeans Make Me Want To Make Love To You"
This was amazing! I absolutely loved it thanks very much. - "Cheating Whore"
Wow. You did an unbelievable job. The girls were beautiful and truly sold all of the action and dialogue. I was was blown away by how true to the script they were, right down to the verbatim dialogue. I realize when acting out this fetish it can be difficult to not break character and giggle, or just phone it in. But your actresses and director approached it very seriously and captured the true spirit of the video. Please thank everyone involved, it really means a lot to me. This was my first custom order ever and I had no idea what to expect. You made me feel comfortable from the first email. Your correspondence is prompt and pleasant, and your final product is superb. I know my special request was difficult to fulfill but I would have liked to have seen both girls with a little pubic hair. The final sequence was shot from an angle that created the illusion but this great video would have been perfect if it were actually there. Please remember that for catfight fans the ending is the money shot, and everything else is foreplay. The most attention to detail needs to be during the submission and humiliation. I realize that today it is hard to find models who are not completely shaved but if you ever work with any please keep me in mind. Again, I can hardly express how pleased I am at the entire experience and you will hear from me again. - "Dirty Catfight"
I've already watched the video three times, what amazing job!!! The production was first rate including the camera angles and sound. That was a cool looking payphone and in a nice location too. As for Daphne, wow, what a beauty! She looked fantastic and that was a sharp looking outfit. If you guys don't mind me asking I'm curious as to Daphne's age. She looks to be in great shape and about 25! And of course I would be remiss if I didn't compliment Daphne on her dialing. I tried not to get too specific in the details but if I did, it's almost like you guys read my mind. I didn't realize Daphne was left-handed, you don't see that too often. Needless to say I am a very satisfied customer and will be ordering more videos from your studio in the future. Thanks so much! - "Payphone"
Yes, Dan kicked some ass and had the thing edited and ready to rock last night. Guys, I really want to thank you both, the model, and anyone else who helped for the hard work you put into this. He hit the nail on the head by using that lens to grime up the basement and frankly, the acting was awesome and lighthearted. Krista is, by any estimation, a gorgeous and talented lady. She was marvelous. This is hands down, the coolest fetish video I've seen ... since 1880. ;) I think I've got it figured out with you guys. The difference is a matter of artistic integrity and creativity. My scenario was enacted with great accuracy and yet your own creative input and approach truly brought it to life on camera. You are true professionals and generally cool mo'fuckas. Thank you for all of your time and assistance! - "It's All Downhill From Here"
Just had a chance to watch the video :). It is perfect :). Thank you so much. There's no chance she would want to sell the socks she was wearing in the video is there? ;) - "Hooters Foot Torture"
Incredibly awesome job on the video. Great, great attitude & acting by Daphne & Star. They seemed to play off each other so well. Daphne who is always so hot, was hotter than ever & played her role with such physical intensity that I thought she overpowered star when she wanted to turn the tables as the fight went back & forth. Although a bit shorter, daphne seemed way tougher & very skilled at taking on the taller Star. Loved everything about Star also, so good at trash talking, knowledge of holds and that long slow strangle with her soft spoken verbal jabs at the dying daphne was off the charts. Great job 5 out 5 stars! Also loved the bts material. What a fantastic idea. Always wondered about the process and found it very interesting. Daphne Dan & star worked so effortlessly together. I really appreciate the attention to detail on the script & the great ad-Libs that you throw in, very creative. I was shocked to see star lift daphne that way at the end & was cringing that she was going to drop daphne or throw her back out. So great across the board. Thanks - "The Leak"
I saw the clip it was good i like the grapevine snap break she did on his legs. good sound effect. in the future i would like to have chole on my next video. I wonder if Jenny or Kelly is active i would like to have one of them. Thanks for the custom. - "The Hideout"
I was very pleased with it........ it was very good........ video quality was excellent. daphne played the role extremely well, her attire was outstanding, it does not hurt that she is also a beautiful woman, lol..... good fighting and struggling with the gasping and groaning sounds....... very good camera work with the clarity and different angles... It was quite good, I was very happy with it, daphne is a very talented gal now ! - "Daphne Brackett"
 ​Loved it - "Traffic Stop"
Hi just saw the dvd custom i have to say im empress the video was very good. Espically the two females chole and piper they did great espically chole im Glad you went with her she did very well on what i want i would like to use her again in the future. Again thank you for a very well done i be looking foward of doing more later on. - "Nurses"
The video was awesome. It was everything I envisioned and more. Thank you very much. - "Wonder Woman Soul Taker"
Sara, to you, Daphne and cast members, this was better than any academy award short film. how cool by chance it was filmed on academy award weekend. awesome! mic'ed up just perfect, it was a perfect seduction with her foe resisting all the way up till the kisses started, no one can resist Daphne. he did well to hold out, slapping her on that firm ass. wow! anytime you need a reference, which I know you don't please write me. I don't know if there is a category for Best Kiss, but "Seductive Kiss" takes it hands down! tussling on the bed was great, I thought he was going to turn her at first but she made sure he stayed put with that Hot ass body of hers. my goodness! take care, - "Seductive Kiss"
Thanks for the clip, It is a great one!!!!thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!You're the best!!Sure that in the future I'll do other requests :)!! - "Missy's Handgag"
Sara seriously, I am so happy I found u guys u have no idea! I may have to get a 2nd job to be able to pay for all the customs I plan on getting! Just wondering, at some point do u think u will will be taping in HD? And I love both girls that have been held so far. Can't wait to see what other gurls will be available! BTW the perfect kinda arms I like seeing held are none muscular, and not skinny. So if u have any girls like that who will be available, please let me know right away. And thank Missy for me too! Well thanks again Sara I am a very happy customer!!! - "Missy's Armhold"
Well I just watched my clip.....OMG, it was perfect!!! I totally loved it!! Ty so much and pls thank the models for me! I can't believe how great u did that...wow! Pls let me know when u will be shooting again, I would definately be interested in ordering another clip at that time...! Thanks so much again....! :-) - "Emma's Armhold"
That is one awesome video! Everything, and I mean everything about it was great: Jenny & Chloe were so amazing together. Jenny was smoking hot she has incredibly beautiful eyes & is quite an actress. Camera work was fantastic. The close ups and carpet level shots were really cool (was that as a result of the new camera?) The lighting on the first scene was great in the darkened room against he light of the computer monitors, nice effect! Attention to detail of script was right on. Thanks for the great job! My favorite video to date....You guys are the best in the biz! - "Chloe Clones"
Ahhhhhh!! Holy crap, you guys did a fuckin' awesome job on this one! Talk about rolling with an idea .. awesome production value, good direction, clever ideas like the webcam close-up and you actually drove around the block with a bound Kaylee in the trunk. LOL - hope nobody saw that. Might get ugly. Kaylee's the best, I tell you. She even dressed to impress - that woman is a total babe in the plaid. Great to see her tattoos exposed during the trunk scene though, they really make her stand out. Guess that's the whole idea though! A very professional, creative and not to mention fast business experience. You guys will be able to consider me a returning customer soon enough, you can bet I'll be taking you up on this again down the line. For now, I've sent over a tip for Kaylee for being such a good sport, you really whacked her with that black jack! All the best! - "Kaylee's Capture"
Hey guys, thanks for the custom it was excellent and both girls did a fantastic job! They really played their parts extremely well, sold the pain perfectly and they looked banging hot throughout. I was only a little disappointed to see that Jenny's boots were taken off so early in the video, I mean I really did not want them to come off at all especially so early in the video. Other than that it was great, but thought I would just let you know that small detail. Cheers guys and keep up the good work - "Climax"
I ordered a HIGHLY complex custom video from Seductive Studios. They did an incredible job in every aspect of the production. Daphne and Kelly did a FANTASTIC job acting their parts, their costumes were over-the-top perfect, and each of the scenes was spot-on to the script. The quality of the video was excellent. Plus, they worked with me to optimize / edit the final version. I am 200% satisfied with their work. Would I order from them again? I'm already writing the next script." Thanks again for your hard work and time with this. - "I Dream of Spies"
I just want to thank you, Jenny, and everybody for doing a great job with the video. Jenny did an incredible job. Everything in the script was in the video. I will definitely be getting another custom done at some point. Now that you have them, you should definitely use those socks in future videos. Thank you again very much! :) - "Scrunch Socks"
The pics are awesome!! It was worth the wait, and u guys all did a great job. I plan on ordering more from u in the future. Thank u so much! :) = "Lift & Carry Photos with Jenny"
Hi Sara, The custom video “Daphnes Fantsy” is so great! Kaylee and Daphne play perfectly and make the video like I imagined. Excellent production and excellent photography. I really loved the video Congratulations! You are to be commended for your production :))) By the way, I would like another custom video. - "Daphne's Fantasy"
Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you for a breathtaking job! I love it, it's really awesome!! :-) Better than I could have imagined! Looking forward to the next custom clip! Keep up the good work! - "Supergirl - Breath Weapon"
Hello, what can i say, I'll try absolutely amazing!!! as usual you followed my request just as asked, the ladies looked amazing,the picture quality superb. Many many thanks to all concerned. Now wishing I'd ordered more! Please tell me Hannah is coming back?! Thanks again. - "Custom Photoset with Jenny & Hannah Perez"
That was faster than I expected! Thank you very very much! It really came out great, I'm very happy with it. It would be great if you could sometimes do another clip for me! Thanks, again! - "Neighbor Jenny"
Once again you've done a great job with my script! Both Vanessa and Daphne were marvelous, and did their roles perfectly! As always, I loved everything about it! - "Vanessa's Injury"
It was great, both of the models did a great job. I'm guessing this was Piper's first bondage movie (didn't see her in any others), she did perfect. They both moved and gave a feel better than I thought of when envisioning it. We'll definitely have to do a Piper's Desire 2 sometime in the future :) - "Piper's Desire"
I almost never give feedback on videos, but this one was my favorite of all time. I love the way she taunted and huniliated Supergirl while rubbing her feet all over her. Elektra played her part great. I would love to see more "foot domination" themed videos like this. Maybe next time she can have bare feet or a pair of strappy spikey sandals, keep up the great work! Thanks - "Electra Vs Supergirl - Foot Slave"
Thank you-that was everything i wanted it do be!!!!!!!! THIS WAS PERFECT!!!!! Heather did an amazing job!!!! I can't believe how closely she followed my script!! thank you so much! I'm so sorry to have emailed you guys so many times-but i had bad experiences in the past with inferior companies and their custom videos YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Where can i submit a review for your outstanding service? thanks again and i look forward to our business in the near future! - "Mud Wrestling"
Hi Sara, Just wanted to say thanks. Have watched the clip and I'm very impressed, it was great. Please give an extra special big thanks to the girls, they did a wonderful job. - "Slippery in Satin"
As always…superb work! Loved it very much! Emma was great!!! - "Emma's Car Accident"
Emma was quite a Find!That custom was so hot; you guys have done it again. Emma is quite the feisty little fighter with tons of attitude for someone who is probably very new to this. BTW, How old is she? I'm guessing 18-19ish. Anyway, kudos for every aspect of this custom, from Emma to Daphne's great work and the outstanding filming, camera angles etc (those POV shots of Emma were some of the hottest stuff yet, thanks for the great attention to detail). Needless to say, if you can hook up again with Emma, I'm in ! - "Hit Gone Wrong"
The custom was AWESOME!!! :) I LOVED it! Daphne and Pandora worked so great together, probably my favorite custom thus far! Pandora pulled off the punches like a real fighter, so awesome! And Daphne is stunning, so beautiful, and really has the fight thing down. I am a happy girl! :) - "Fight Night Round 2"
Wow Amazing job on the custom. Daphne & Pandora are so incredibly hot. The girls really went with my somewhat limited script and did a fantastic job. The interaction, attitude & acting both girls displayed was great. Pandora’s body is off the charts...you can definitely put me down for another custom with Pandora the next time she visits. - "Who's Next"
Both girls are great actresses and I def want to continue working with SS! You guys delivered the video quick! Thank you!!! - "No Place for Jeans"
I received your advanced DVD copy of "Mr. Johnson" yesterday and will admit to watching, studying, and enjoying it many times already! I will further admit that I had doubts that you could possibly produce the kind of video to interest me more than "Lift and Carry", "Mr. Fix it", my custom "The Last Dance", and "Cream and Sugar". This video is simply spectacular regarding how natural Jenny and Daphne are when being carried, fondled, and manipulated. As a cradle "carrying" freak, even I am more than satisfied with the amount of cradle and OTS carries in this video with the variety of the girls being picked up from the floor, table, sofa, standing, and the villain's lap. The villain is excellent with his continuing dialogue indicating how the girls are his and he is totally in charge of them. - "Mr. Johnson"
"I just watched my custom video "Breaking News" and well...I can only think of one word to describe this movie--PERFECTION!! Obviously, it begins with the extremely hot trio of Daphne, Kaylee, and Jae bound and gagged in bikini's and less throughout the movie!!!!! But what makes Seductive Studios so different than other custom producers is the fact that not only are the girls breathtakingly sexy, they really can "act". This is my second custom movie from SS and I cannot believe how remarkable the "performance" is by each of the girls (as well as the males in the video). I know that a "story" is not for everyone, but it is one of the major concerns for me in requesting customs...I write dialogue and want to see characters. To that end, NO ONE CONSIDERS THESE QUALITIES LIKE DAPHNE AND THE GIRLS AT SEDUCTIVE! The girls "nail" their lines and truly bring my vision to life. Moreover, the girls not only get their lines correct, but they bring a sense of "character" through appropriate costuming, gestures, and intangibles... I have to say that Daphne is a "stickler" for details and she does not want to "get it right" she wants to "DO IT RIGHT" the first time!!!! While the sexiness of the girls and their performance are unprecedented in my experience with SS customs, there is so much more to dealing with Seductive. Consider this...my script wasn't even submitted this time last week... It is now "in the can" and delivered to me via download in less than one week. I had experiences with custom producers who are lucky they RESPOND TO YOUR INITIAL REQUEST IN ONE WEEK while Daphne and the Seductive team, make the video and deliver it in one week! I know this type of turnaround is not always the case (due to scheduling conflicts and the fact that shoot on a first come first serve basis), but within 4 weeks time I now own TWO fully edited, amazing quality videos! I once worked with a custom producer who held on to my money for six months (and kept cancelling the shoot) before finally refunding my cash... Thus, in recommending SS, I would describe them as REPUTABLE, HONEST, RELIABLE, AND CONCERNED FOR THE CUSTOMER!!! It is no wonder that they have been around for 10 years making a living at this custom video business... Speaking of editing, WOW may be all I can say! SS adds touches that just make the movie "real." A SS custom has an intro, theme music that is appropriate, and expertly done edits and special effects!!! Another thing is the "props"... In my "Breaking News" video, I had a scene where the girls where tied up, gagged, and facing dire peril at the hands of dynamite--you would have thought the dynamite was real!!!! Another thing the SS team did in this movie was the intro of the movie was a "Breaking Newscast" with Daphne (who played an investigative reporter) on scene talking to a male anchor in the studio (they also added Kaylee "by phone" in this introduction)!! For my tastes, these type of extras adds immeasurably to the quality of the overall product leading me to be pleased beyond words with my custom video production!!! Finally, the people you deal with through email at SS are just NICE people. Not too long ago (before I knew about Daphne and SS), I requested a custom video. I asked a few questions about some of the scenes as well as the availability of models, described my vision with enough detail to get a feeling for what I wanted, and asked for a cost range. The INITIAL response by this producer to me was: (this has been edited to not give out the name of the studio) "$800.00. ____________________ (insert models name spelled incorrectly by the way) avilabel" (yes that word is supposed to be "available"!!!) When someone responds to you from SS the person always identifies him/herself and ALWAYS THANKS YOU FOR YOUR CORRESPONDENCE!! Why is courtesy too much to ask for today? Daphne and her team are sincerely open, kind, and receptive to your communications which makes the process even more enjoyable. They convey the importance that this is YOUR CUSTOM VIDEO AND THEY WANT TO DO IT YOUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again, attempting to please the customer...what a revolutionary concept but certainly one that makes this custom video experience PERFECT!!!!! In closing, I wanted to write this testimonial because I have been "skewered" in custom deals of the past. Whether it has been significant time delays, abrupt and discourteous interactions with the custom producers, not getting what you asked for, unreasonable prices, or poor quality of the video, I have experience all of these things. The problem is that we custom video customers are at a significant disadvantage in the process. However, that is not the case in dealing with Daphne and her SS team. While I know that Daphne and SS are not the only producer delivering such wonderful experiences, I would like it to be known that if you are in the market for a custom fetish video (I enjoy DiD, bondage style movies with a storyline) and want to have a friendly experience with really nice people who care about what they are doing for you all at a reasonable cost and expedited time period...SEDUCTIVE STUDIO will be a perfect choice!! I am now considering what my third video might be!!! I will deal with no one else except the beautiful Daphne and her team at Seductive..." - "Breaking News"