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*Custom Video Script*

Jenny has arrived at Serena's place with the belief that she is there for a photo-shoot/audition. She walks in, wearing her skimpy attire, and is greeted by Serena.

Serena observes and admires Jenny's body as Jenny poses for her in different positions. As Jenny poses for her, Serena begins to touch and fondle her lightly at first, which Jenny doesn't mind too much; but as Serena becomes more aggressive with her, Jenny begins to feel uncomfortable and tries to leave.

However, as Jenny tries to leave, Serena fully grabs her from behind, has her hands behind her back, and hand gags her. Jenny squirms desperately to get away but is no match for Serena's strength as she hand gags her and fondles her from behind. As she holds her like this, she then removes Jenny's shorts, thus, fully revealing her slingshot.

Serena firmly grabs Jenny between her legs and taunts her by telling her that her audition is not over with and that she needs to inspect her. Serena, still firmly grabbing Jenny's pussy and hand-gagging her, then lifts Jenny up in this position for a brief step-moment (kind of an awkward lift, so just do the best you can with this one )

After she finally releases Jenny, she has Jenny to bend over, wraps her arm around her waist, and begins to fondle and spank Jenny's ass. She even proceeds to pick Jenny up in this position (Jenny still bent over and lifts her with one arm) and continues to spank and fondle her with her other hand. She notices how light Jenny is and begins to lift her in different positions.

She first picks Jenny up in a front-carry, firmly gripping her ass and yanking her thong. Jenny kicks and squirms but just cant get loose. Next, she picks Jenny up and holds her upside down (standing 69 position but with Jenny facing outward not inward). After she releases Jenny, she then gives her a front wedgie and yanks her bikini far into her pussy

Again, Serena lifts Jenny up into a gorilla press (hand firmly grabbing her pussy) and holds her up for a step-moment. When she releases her, she has Jenny to put her slingshot thong back on again. Serena, again, tosses her over her shoulder like a rag doll.

As she holds her over the shoulder, she again spanks, fondles, and stretches Jenny's ass cheeks apart. Serena says shes had enough of Jenny's complaining and struggling so she decides to take care of that and leaves the room with Jenny over her shoulder (before leaving the room though, she scoops up Jenny's bikini top with the notion that she wants her to wear it again).

Scene Cuts Serena enters the living room again, cradle carrying Jenny, except now Jenny is gagged with a couple of strands of black tape, hands bound behind her back, and a few strands of rope tied around her upper torso. As Serena holds her like this she admires Jenny and verbally taunts her some more, all while Jenny moans and kicks her legs.

Serena briefly sits down on the sofa (with Jenny still being held in a cradle position) and taunts and teases Jenny with what shes going to do to her. Serena stands back up, releases her, and hand-gags her from behind again. More fondling and groping ensues, and Serena even kisses her tape-gagged mouth. Serena then turns Jenny around (facing her now) has her to bend over, and with one hand she reaches around her waist, goes between her legs, and firmly grips her pussy, and with her other hand she spanks, fondles, and wedgies her.

After a step-moment of this, Serena again throws her over the shoulder for a brief step-moment and gives her the same treatment she gave her before. She then brings Jenny over to a chair, sits down, has Jenny to reverse straddle her, and fully fondles her. Also, keep in mind that at this point every time Jenny

At one point, Serena positions Jenny to lie on her stomach, spreads her legs apart, and gropes her between her ass cheeks. Eventually, Serena used Jenny to straddle her on the bed and grind on her to the point of orgasm.

After this, Serena then sits up with her back against the headboard of the bed, pulls Jenny close between her legs with her head against her breast, and verbally taunts her some more. She hand gags Jenny again, has her to look up at her, and asks her if she enjoyed it. Jenny, still gagged, can only moan; so again, Serena, with more firmness in her voice asks her again, and Jenny nods yes. Serena, now decides its time to take Jenny somewhere else.

She gets up, pulls Jenny off the bed, and one last time she throws her over her shoulder. More ass cheek spreading and fondling occurs. As she fondles and gropes Jenny over her shoulder, she tells her that she has all kinds of plans for her. Last, we see Serena carry the bound, gagged, and nude Jenny out of the room.

Running time - 24:25

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