Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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Daphne and Jenny have arrived home after a night out at the club. Daphne's feet are so sore from her heels, and Jenny offers to give her a foot rub. Daphne gets a bit turned on and asks Jenny if she's ever thought about kissing a girl before.

Jenny doesn't know how to respond, and soon enough, Daphne climbs on Jenny's lap and starts to make out with her. Her hand starts to wander to Jenny's breasts and Jenny freaks out, she tells Daphne she doesn't feel comfortable. Daphne climbs off of her, and heads to the kitchen. She tries once again to make a move on Jenny, and when she's turned down again.

Daphne carries Jenny upstairs to the bedroom, changes her outfit, and prepares Jenny for a night she'll not soon forget. Jenny is stripped of her clothes, tied spread eagle to the bed, blindfolded, and duct tape pressed over her mouth. Daphne puts on a pair of tight leather gloves, and grabs a whip, and starts to work...

Running time - 40:39



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