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FEE FI FO FUM 2 - 360 - VR

FEE FI FO FUM 2 - 360 - VR

$ 10.00

This video is filmed in Virtual Reality – 360, you will need a VR capable viewer such as VLC Player (Free) to view on your computer, or a VR viewing app (Free) to view on your smartphone. For more information please visit  https://seductivestudios.com/pages/virtual-reality-360-videos-how-to-view

You’ve returned to the giant’s liar after barely escaping with your life last time and this time the giant has 2 friends! The three massive girls taunt you with their enormous breasts and dangle you over their gaping maw’s threatening to swallow you down as a delicious treat! Will this be your last trip to the giant’s lair or will they let you scamper away back to your hole?

This video is VR – 360 placing YOU the viewer at the center of the action!!

Running time – 10:59

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