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Introducing Serena Steel and Nicole as the She Hulk!-This film features Nicole and Serena Steel in an amazing transformation fantasy film where Nicole morphs into the She Hulk played by Serena Steel!  Over the head carry by Serena Steel with a 135lb guy!!

Nicole is at home trying to please her abusive, piece of crap boyfriend. All he wants to do is watch his football and tell her how crappy she is for not doing enough around the house. He doesn't realize that she can do so much better than him because he has her brain washed into thinking that he is the best thing that she can get!

When he leaves for work, she cries on the couch wondering what her life has come to. She does some research on the internet on how to leave an abusive boyfriend and when she comes across a brand new medication promising self-confidence to do whatever you want, she jumps on the chance to order it.

The medicine arrives soon, and comes with a warning label  Watch your temper, and do not get mad!When her boyfriend arrives back from work and she tells him she is leaving him, he laughs in her face and grabs her roughly by her arm and slaps her hard across her face.

She tried to warn him not to make her mad her eyes are now a bright green and too late he realizes his mistake as she transforms into the SHE HULK in a bright flash of green!Where his small meek girlfriend once stood, a massive muscled SHE HULK stand in her place! He tries to back away but the SHE HULK delivers the beating of a lifetime with multiple punches and even lifts his sorry ass over her head in a complete show of female dominance!

Later we see Nicole back to her normal self on the phone with the pharmaceutical company that supplied the medicine. It worked great and she will take a years supply!

Running time - 12:36

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