Turn Your Fantasy Into Reality!
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Scarlett is a famous actress and when a pregnant woman shows up at her door and knocks her out she finds herself tied to a chair by the woman who is no longer pregnant, she was faking it! Scarlett recognizes her as a famous fugitive she saw on the news!

Rory goes through Scarlett’s work computer and she sees a script from her agent about something called Vore. Scarlett explains what it is, and Rory decides she is going to see for herself what it’s all about and shoves a bunch of Scarlett’s valuables down Scarlett’s throat!

Rory knows she needs to hide from the cops and decides to hide in Scarlett’s belly until the coast is clear!

Scarlett gobbles Rory down and when the cops show up all they see is a pregnant actress!

Is the coast clear? Can Rory escape or is Scarlett stuck with the criminal in her belly?

Running time – 10:03

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